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Green Chemistry: Designing Chemistry for Human Health and Environment

Green Chemistry: Designing Chemistry for Human Health and Environment

On 27th April 2018, a Guest Lecture was organized by Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Physical Science, SGT University, Gurugram.  An eminent speaker Prof. R.K. Sharma from Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi who is the coordinator of Green Chemistry Network Centre (a networking centre established under the recommendation of world leaders of Green Chemistry headed by Prof. Paul Anastas, Father of Green Chemistry) and also the Honorary Secretary of Royal Society of Chemistry, London, North India Section came and delivered a talk on very important topic “Green Chemistry: Designing Chemistry for Human Health & Environment.”

He was warmly welcomed by Dean of Physical Science- “Prof. R.C. Sharma.” It was a very enriching experience for all the faculty members as well as the students as Prof. Sharma very beautifully introduced the concept and need of Green Chemistry in the present day world and also what attempts have been taken till date to popularize Green Chemistry in India. He also touched upon emerging subject areas like Nanotechnology and Catalysis. Apart from this, he also shared a few industrial case studies such as Ranitidine synthesis (Ranitidine medication is used to treat certain stomach and throat problems)–how a green pathway (a new catalyst was designed) was adopted to eliminate the toxicological effects of methyl mercaptan-a gas released in this process. His lecture was truly beneficial for all. Prof. Sharma also got some of his students along, who demonstrated a few Green Chemistry Experiments such as preparation & evaluation of Biodiesel using vegetable oil, preparation of gold nanoparticles using tea extract and Green synthesis of Mn(Acac)3. These experiments helped in understanding how green chemistry actually works and what are the basic principles involved, how they are superior in comparison to the conventional methods. Finally, Dr. Sonali Bhandari proposed a vote of thanks to Prof. Sharma & his students. This guest lecture saw a very good interaction happening between the speaker and the faculty members. Department of Chemistry hopes to organize many such important lectures in future for the benefit of its students.

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