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Paper: Professional Communication Code: 09010310


Content of the topics

Learning Objective Teaching Guidelines Methodology Time (hrs)




  • Extempore/open up session
  • Self discovering and goal setting
  • Dreams, wishes and goals: presentation
To discover the inherent qualities of student Discuss the internal interests of the student to make him/her able to decide the goal and achieve it White board teaching method  








  • Subject-verb agreement: concord
  • Verbs: main and auxillary
  • Sentences: interrogative, WH-questions, yes/No questions and tag questions
Student should about the remedial and functional grammar Through open discussion methods  make to learn student about the appropriate use of grammar Discuss and debate 8
  • Pre-requisites of paragraph writing
  • Précis writing(art of condensation) comprehension of text from various sources
  • Letter writing (format and types)
Vocabulary and usage about word formation To teach student about the paragraph writing White board teaching method  


  • Skills of reading comprehension and critical views using text from selected stories/newspaper and handouts
  • Emphasis on correct pronunciation and intonation


How to elaborate and summarize the concept To teach comprehensive skills Seminars and general group discussion  


  • Group discussion : Do’s and Don’t’s of group discussion related to various topics
  • Skills required for presentation , leadership, assertion, emotional quotient, time and stress management
To develop the leadership qualities by discuss and debates Built leadership habits. White board teaching method
General discussion
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