Curriculum | B.Sc (Non- Medical) | Title Environmental Science (Code 09010510)


Title Environmental Science  (Code 09010510)

S.No. Topic Learning  Objectives Teaching guidelines Methodology Time (Hours)
1. Natural Resources: Forest resources. Water resources, Mineral resources, Mineral resources, food resources,
Energy and land resources
 Student should understand about our natural resources and how to conserve them To cover all natural resources, what are the threat to them and how it can be conserved 1. Lecture,                    2. seminar                    3. Group discussion       4. Assignment               5. Evaluation 8
2. Ecosystem:
Concept, Structure, function, food chain, food web
Energy flow in ecosystem
Ecological succession
Biodiversity and its conservation:
Hotspots of biodiversity
Threat to biodiversity
 Student should understand about our ecosystem, how each living things are dependent on each other  and about the biodiversity To cover all food chain, food web and food pyramid. Conservation and threat to biodiversity 1. Lecture,                    2. seminar                    3. Group discussion       4. Assignment               5. Evaluation 10
3.   Environmental Pollution:
Air, water, soil, thermal,  Nuclear, Noise and Marine pollution
Solid waste management,
Pollution case studies
Disaster management
 Student should understand the different type of pollution, how to prevent it.  To cover all type of pollution, its causes, effect and preservation 1. Lecture,                    2. seminar                    3. Group discussion
4. Assignment               5. Evaluation
Admission Open- 2018