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First Semester

Title- Algebra (Code-09050101)

Title Calculus (Code 09050102)

Title: SOLID GEOMETRY (Code-09050103)

Title Discrete Mathematics-I (Code-09050104)

Title: Descriptive Statistics  (Code 09050105)

Title: CHEMISTRY – I Code – 09050105


Title: PHYSICS – I  (Code 09050108)

Title: Communication Skill & Personality Development (Code 09050113)

Second Semester

Title- Number Theory and Trigonometry (Code-09050201)

Title: Ordinary Differential Equations (Code-09050202)

Title-Vector Calculus (Code-09050203)

Title-Discrete Mathematics II (Code-09050204)

Title: Regression Analysis And Probability (Code-09050205)

Title CHEMISTRY II (Code – 09050206)

Title : Programming In Visual Basic Code- 09050207

Title-PHYSICS -II Code – 09050208

Title Environmental Sciences II (Code – 09050213)

Third Semester

Title: Advanced Calculus (Code-09050301)

Title: Partial Differential Equation (Code-09050302)

Title-Statics (Code-09050303)

Title: Differential Geometry (Code 09050304)

Title-Probability Distributions (Code-09050305)

Title: Database Management System & Oracle (Code-09050307)

Forth Semester

Title-Sequences and Series (Code 09050401)

Title Special Functions And Integral Transforms (Code 09050402)

Title- Programming In C And Numerical Methods (Code-09050403)

Title- HYDROSTATICS (Code-09050404)

Title- ELEMENTARY INFERENCE (Code-09050405)

Title – Data Structures Using C (Code-09050407)

Fifth Semester

Title – Real Analysis (Code-09050501)

Title – Groups And Rings (Code-09050502)

Title – Numerical Analysis (Code-09050503)

Title – Methods of Applied Mathematics  (Code-09050505)

Title OPERATIONAL RESEARCH-I  (Code-09050506)

Sixth Semester

Title – Real and Complex Analysis (Code-09050601)

Title – Linear Algebra (Code-09050602)

Title – Dynamics (Code- 09050603)

Title – Elementary Topology  (Code-09050604)

Title – Fluid Dynamics  (Code-09050605)

Title – Operational Research-II  (Code-09050606)