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Name Dr. Tanima Bajaj
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification PhD : Nanoparticles in Drug Delivery system
M.Sc. Inorganic Chemistry
Total Years of Work Experience 10 years
Total Teaching Experience 04 years
Total Corporate Experience 6 year
Email ID [email protected]
Teching Interests Coordination Chemistry, Chemical bonding, Organometallics
Research Interests Nanoparticles using Green synthesis Approach, Radiolabeling of nanoparticles and encapsulating drugs for in vivo studies, Catalytic activity studies of nanoparticles
Recent Publications
  1. Tanima Banerjee, Susmita Mitra, A.K.Singh, R.K.Sharma and Amarnath Maitra Preparation Characterization
    and Biodistribution of ultrafine Chitosan Nanoparticles: International Journal of Pharmaceutics 243:
    93-105 (2002).
  2. Tanima Banerjee, A.K.singh, R.K.Sharma and Amarnath Maitra. Labeling Efficiency and Biodistribution of Technetium-99m labeled nanoparticles: Interference by colloidal Tin Oxide Particles: International Journal of Pharmaceutics 289: 189-195 (2005).
  3. Shcetal Soni, Anil K. Babbar, Tanima Banerjee, R. K. Sharma and Amarnath Maitra Pharmacoscintigraphic Evaluation of Polysorbate80 Coated Chitosan Nanoaprticles for Brain Targeting :American Journal of Drug Delivery 3 (3): 205-212 (2005).
Conferences, Seminars & Workshops
  1. Poster presentation in ICONSAT held in December 2003 at Kolkata, India.
  2. Oral presentation in 34th Annual Conference of the Society of Nuclear Medicine India held in December 2002 at Kolkata, India.
  3. Participated in conference on Human Oncology held in November 2002 at Chandigarh, India.
  4. Abstract in Particles 2002 in April 2002 Orlando, Florida for oral presentation.
  5. Participated in 33″ Annual Conference of the Society of Nuclear Medicine-India held in December 2001at Delhi, India.
  6. Oral presentationQuantitative Radionuclide Imaging; A new powerful tool to evaluate drug modules (Molecules/ Formulations). in 53″ Indian Pharmaceutical Congress held in December2001 at, PUSA, Delhi, India.
  7. K.Singh, N Bhardwaj, T.Banerjee, J.Verma, N.Sharma, A.Bhatnagar. Pharmacoscintigraphy: Our experiences in evaluation of new drug molecules and drug formulations. XXIII Annual Conference of Indian association of biomedical scientists, 4th to 6th Oct, 2002.
  8. Susmita Mitra ,Tanima Banerjee, A.K.singh, R. K. Sharma and Amarnath Maitra .Evaluation of Stannous Chloride and Sodium Borohydride as Reducing Agents for Preparation of Technetium-99m Labeled Chitosan Nanoparticles. Article in Jan,2002