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The Department of Environmental Science offers Masters and PhD Programmes to produce trained professionals who are equipped to deal with the scientific, legal, socio-economic, technological, and policy-based concerns related to environment and resource management. The curriculum has been designed essentially on the concept of sustainable development in an interdisciplinary framework with the emphasis on research and application. The pedagogy of the programme includes face-to-face interactions, live case studies, field visits, theatre, conferences, seminars and active use of information and communication technology. The department thrives to organize regular field-work, co-curricular and extension activities to give scholars a holistic exposure to environmental and resource-based problems in students from diverse academic, cultural and professional backgrounds.

The Department deals with relevant issues pertaining to the changing environment at the global, regional and local levels. The basic laboratory equipment required to conduct researches on various aspects of environmental science are available in the Department. The faculty practice novel teaching methods and assess students based on their overall development.


To actively pursue the goals of imparting quality education, training and facilitate research in the field of environment and natural resources management and also act as a think tank in policy matters related to environment management and sustainable development.

Faculty Members

Dr. Archana Chaudhary
Associate Professor

Dr. Abhishek Swami
Associate Professor

Dr. Manbir Singh
Assistant Professor

Dr. Simranjeet Singh
Assistant Professor

Dr. Vikram Mor
Assistant Professor

Admissions Open 2019-20