Department of Forensic Sciences

Forensic Science is the application of all the branches of science which are used in the crime and criminal detection and is very useful in Criminal Justice Delivery System. It is also useful to bring the criminal into justice in the court of law as well as to exonerate the innocent person. Nowadays, criminals are using modern sophisticated technologies to commit the crime and skip away smoothly after committing the crime. Therefore, our society and investigative agencies are required to be trained in this field. To combat the challenges posed by the criminal, forensic science is very useful in the prevention of crime. On the other hand, the knowledge of forensic science is also very useful for the safeguard of family and society.

Faculty Members

Dr. Rajinder Singh

Professor and HOD

Dr. Ruchika Yadav

Assistant Professor

Dr. Leena Bhardwaj


Dr. Kapil Verma

Assistant Professor

Mr. Baljeet

Assistant Professor