1800 102 5661 [email protected]
Name Dr. Amit Kumar
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph.D. (BITS, Pilani)

M.Sc (Mathematics) Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut.

Total Years of Work Experience 8 Years
Total Teaching Experience 2 Years
Total Research Experience 6
Achievements/Scholarships/Awards/Memberships 1. Reviewer of the Journal “Advances in Fuzzy Systems”(Scopus)
2. Reviewer of the Journal “Mathematical Journal in Engineering”(SCIE)
3. Reviewer of the Journal “Scientific Programming Journal”(SCIE)
4. Reviewer of the Journal “Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society”(SCIE)
5. PS-1 Faculty, Practice School Program of BITS, Government Irrigation Workshop, Roorkee, May-July’2018.
Email ID [email protected]
Teaching Interests 1. Algebra
2. Number Theory
Research Interests 1. Functional Analysis.
2. Queueing Theory.
3. Stochastic Processes.
Recent Publications 1. Kumar, A., Shekhar, C. (2020): “Cost Optimization Analysis of Finite Capacity Queue Model with-Server Breakdowns, Threshold-based Recovery Policy, balking,Reneging and Retention of Reneged Customers: Newton quasi method” Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization (AIMS) (SCIE),
Revision submitted (ISSN : 1547-5816) Impact Factor: 1.025

2. Shekhar, C. Kumar, A., Varshney, S. and Gupta, C.B. (2020): “Transient Solution of Multiple Vacation Queue with Discouragement and Feedback” Scientia Iranica (Sharif University of Technology, Iran) (SCIE), Revision submitted (ISSN :1026-3098 ) Impact Factor: 1.025

3. Shekhar,C.,Varshney, S.and Kumar,A.:“Optimal and Sensitivity Analysis of Vacation Queueing System with F-Policy and Vacation Interruption”, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (SCIE), (Accepted). Impact Factor:1.5182.

4. Shekhar, C.,Kumar, N.,Gupta A., Kumar, A. and Varshney, S. (2020): “Warm-spare provision- ing Computing Network with Switching Failure, Common Cause Failure, Vacation Interruption, and Synchronized Reneging”, Reliability Engineering & System Safety(Elsevier)(SCI)&ABDC Ranking: A, Vol. 199, pp. 106910. Impact Factor: 4.30 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0951832019310385

5. Shekhar,C.,Varshney,S.and Kumar,A.:“Optimal Multi-Server Queueing Systems with Bernoulli Scheduled Modified Vacation and Retention of Reneged Customers: A Meta-heuristic Approach”, Quality Technology & Quantitative Management (SCIE), (Accepted). Impact Factor: 0.946

6. Shekhar, C., Kumar, A., and Varshney, S.: “Machine Repair Problem with Warm Standbys provisioning Subject to Variant Abandon and Vacation”, Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation (Accepted).(SCIE) Impact Factor:0.490

7. Shekhar, C., Kumar, A., and Varshney, S., Ammar, S. I. (2019): “Fault-Tolerant Redundant Re- pairable System with different failures and delays”, Engineering Computations,(Emerald)(SCIE) (Accepted). Impact Factor:1.304

8. Shekhar, C., Kumar, A. and Varshney, S. (2020): “Load Sharing Redundant Repairable Systems with Switching and Reboot Delay”, Reliability Engineering & System Safety (Elsevier)(SCI) & ABDC Ranking: A, Vol. 193, pp. 106656. Impact Factor: 4.30 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0951832019305174?via

9. Shekhar,C.,Varshney, S.and Kumar, A. (2020): “Optimal Control of a Service System with Emergency Vacation using Bat Algorithm”, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (Elsevier)(SCI), Vol. 364, pp. 112332. Impact Factor: 2.014 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0377042719303292

10. Shekhar,C.,Kumar,A.,Varshney,S.andAmmar,S.I.(2019):“M/G/1FaultTolerantMachining System with Imperfection”, Journal of Industrial &Management Optimization (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences)(SCIE) & ABDC Ranking: B. Impact Factor: 1.025 https://www.aimsciences.org/article/doi/10.3934/jimo.2019096

11. Shekhar, C., Kumar, A., and Varshney, S. (2019): “Modified Bessel series solution of the single server queueing model with feedback”, International Journal of Computing Science and Mathematics(INDERSCIENCE)(Scopus), Vol. 10, No.3. pp. 313-326. Impact Factor: 0.27 https://www.inderscience.com/info/inarticle.php?artid=101101

12. Shekhar, C., Kumar, A., and Varshney, S. (2020): “Parametric nonlinear programming for fuzzi- fied queueing systems with catastrophe”, International Journal of Process Benchmarking and Management (INDERSCIENCE)(Scopus)Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. 313-326. Impact Factor: 0.28 https://www.inderscience.com/info/ingeneral/forthcoming.php?jcode=ijpmb

13. Shekhar, C., Raina, A. A., Kumar, A. and Iqbal, J. (2017): “A survey on queues in machining systems: progress from 2010 to 2017”, Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research (Scopus), Vol. 27, No. 4, pp 391-413. Impact Factor: 0.35

Books /Book Chapters

1. Shekhar, C., Varshney, S., Kumar, A. (2019): “Reliability and Vacation: The Critical Issue” in Advances in Reliability Analysis and its Applications (Eds. Ram, M. and Pham, H.), Springer Series in Reliability Engineering, Springer Nature (Switzerland AG) pp 251-292.

Conferences, Seminars & Workshops Conference

1. Presented paper entitled ‘Transient solution of multiple vacations queue with discouragement and feedback’ in National Conference on “Advances in Operations Research and Mathematical Sciences (AORMS-2018)” organized by Department of Mathematics (Vardhaman College, Bijnor) on February 24-25’2018.

2. Presented paper entitled Transient solution of queues with feedback using modified Bessel’s function’ in Symposium on “Operations Research and Pure Mathematics” organized by Department of Mathematics, BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus, on February 26’2017.

3. Presented paper entitled ‘M/M/1 queuing system with catastrophe solve by New approach in National Seminar on “Recent advances in mathematics and its computational aspects” organized by Department of Mathematics (Shaheed Mangal Pandey Government Girls Post Graduate College, Madhavpuram, Meerut) on November 11-12’2016.

4. Presented paper entitled ‘Taylor series solution of M/M/1 queuing system with catastrophe’ in National Conference on “Computational mathematics and operation research (CMOR-16)” organized by (B. K. Birla Institute of Engineering and Technology Pilani, Rajasthan) on October 15-16’ 2016.


1. Five days workshop in “R-Computing for Learning, Research and Industrial Application” organized by Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Dr.Rammanohar Lohia Avadh University, Ayodhya on 27th April to 1st May’ 2019

2. Seven days workshop in ‘Academic Writing’ organized by Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani on April 5-11’2019.

3. Seven days workshop in ‘Indo-French Research Workshop on Theory and Simulation of Hyperbolic PDEs arising in Mathematical Biology’ organized by Department of Mathematics, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani on January 5-11’2019.

4. Two days workshop in Recent Trends in Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing organized by Department of Mathematics, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida on April 7-8’2017.

5. Three days workshop in Advanced MATLAB Workshop organized by Manufacturing Engineering Association, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani on 30th August to 1st September’2016.