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Digital Technology Impact on Health and Environment

Digital Technology Impact on Health and Environment

Digital Technology has always been in demand but has increased excessively during Covid 19 to ensure accessibility and affordability of education to students and helped them to remain in touch with their subjects and access information, viewpoints, and worldviews which they might not experience otherwise. In this pandemic situation it has become a necessity and the individuals are trying to meet this obligatory need in different forms and in different learning environments by spending lots of time on screen. This created many issues and Challenges.

Keeping the current scenario in view A live Webinar was organized by “Prodigy-A Science Association”, Faculty of Science, SGT University on “Digital Technology: Impact on health and Environment” on 9th June 2020. There were 116 registrations including students, research scholars and even parents from various regions. It went on live on Facebook. All registered participants who attended the webinar were facilitated with the Certificate of Participation.

The session was hosted by Student coordinator, who began the session by introducing the panelists to the participants. The panelist gave insights on the challenges faced by being onscreen and discussed various strategies to be adopted during working on screen either on Mobile, Laptop, Desktop. They highlighted major health issues faced during use of these digital platform and replied to queries raised by participants.

This interactive webinar session helps the participants to understand how digital technology challenges can be dealt with and how to minimize their impacts on health and environment. Top of Form

This session was much appreciated as it gave the participants ways to overcome the challenges and health problems generated due to spending of long hours in front of screen during the current pandemic scenario. Top of Form