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Name Dr. Shalu
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph.D – Delhi University, Delhi-110009, India
Total Years of Work Experience 1.5 years
Total Teaching Experience
Total Corporate Experience
Email ID [email protected]
Teaching Interests Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
Research Interests To design, synthesize, characterize novel mixed metal oxide nanomaterials by employing new synthetic methodologies and based on their structure property relationship exploring them towards technological and environmental applications such as water splitting, electrochemical studies. Moreover, I am also exploring new era of research based on polymer recyclability issues and generation of new MXene materials.
Achievements and awards Certificate of Honor for Invited Technical Talk in National Conference on Luminescence & it’s Applications (NCLA 2021) in “Hybrid Mode” 09th -11th Dec’21, organized by the Department of Physics, Govt. V. Y. T. PG. Auto. College, Durg In Association with Luminescence Society of India (LSI)

Outstanding performance in XRD Quiz sponsored Malvern Panalytical, India and conducted as part of the TEQIP III Sponsored Online Workshop on “Advanced Techniques for Materials Characterization” 6-10th July, 2020.

UGC-JRF (June 2015) (54 rank).

CSIR/UGC-NET (June 2014) (8 rank).

NCC ‘C‘ Certificate

Recent Publications
1. Rajamani Nagarajan*, Shalu Atri, Pooja Rawat, Molecular Solid Cu0.36Co0.64SO4.7H2O: Synthesis, Magnetic and Catalytic Applications (Solid State Sci., Communicated).

2. Pinky Yadav, Sangeeta Yadav, Shalu Atri* and Ravi Tomar*, A Brief Review on Key Role of Perovskite Oxides as Catalyst, Chem. Select 6 (2021) 12947-12959. (I.F. 2.109)

3. Shalu Atri* and Ravi Tomar*, A Review on the Generation and Modification of Functional Inorganic-Organic-Hybrid Materials via Microwave Assisted Method, Chem. Select 6 (2021) 9351-9362. (I.F. 2.109)

4. Anjaneyulu Bendi, Shalu Atri, Jamshid, Nutan Sharma*, Ultrasound-Accelerated, Concise & Highly Efficient synthesis of 2-Oxazoline derivatives using Heterogenous Calcium Ferrite Nanoparticles and their DFT Studies, J. Chemistry 23 (2021) (DOI: 10.1155/2021/7375058). (I.F. 2.25)

5. Shrishti Uniyal, Shalu Atri, Sitharaman Uma, Rajamani Nagarajan*, Altering the luminescence, the magnetic and catalytic property of nanosized defect fluorite Bi2Ce2O7 with barium and praseodymium ions doping, CrystEngComm. 23 (2021) 986-999. (I.F. 3.117)

6. Shalu Atri, Sitharaman Uma, Rajamani Nagarajan*, Magnetic and Photocatalytic Properties of Nano-sized Sulfur-doped Trirutile Oxide, CuSb2O6, Mater. Sci. Semicond. Process 119 (2020) 105226. (I.F 3.085)

7. Shalu Atri, Meenakshi Pokhriyal, Sitharaman Uma*, Synergistic Influence of d0 (Nb5+) and d10 (Cd2+) Cations in Stabilizing Noncentrosymmetric Dion-Jacobson Layered Perovskites, A′Cd2Nb3O10 (A′ = Rb, Cs), Inorg. Chem. 59 (2020) 8044-8053. (I.F 4.825)

8. Anuj Kumar Tomar, Akanksha Joshi, Shalu Atri, Gurmeet Singh, and Raj Kishore Sharma*, Zero-Dimensional Ordered Sr2CoMoO6-δ Double Perovskite as High-Rate Anion Intercalation Pseudocapacitance, Appl. Mater. Interfaces. 12 (2020) 15128-15137. (I.F 8.758)

9. Shalu Atri, Meenakshi Gusain, Prashant Kumar, Sitharaman Uma, Rajamani Nagarajan*, Role of solvent medium in the Wet-chemical synthesis of CuSbS2, Cu3SbS3, and bismuth substituted Cu3SbS3, J. Chem. Sci. 132 (2020) 132 (8pp) (I.F 1.406)

10. Shalu, S. Uma*, Soft-chemistry approach to synthesize Al3+, Ga3+, and Zr4+ stabilized ion-exchangeable layered perovskite oxides, Cryst. Growth Des. 19 (2019) 5019-5028. (I.F 4.089)

11. Dileep Kumar Yadav, Aanchal Sethi, Shalu, S. Uma*, New series of honeycomb ordered oxides, Na3M2SbO6 (M(II) = Mn, Fe, (Mn, Fe), (Mn, Co), Dalton Trans. 48 (2019) 8955-8965. (I.F 4.174)

12. Shalu Atri, Vidhu Malik, Sitharaman Uma, Rajamani Nagarajan*, Catalytic applications of mesoporous CaBi2O4 obtained as single source precursor, Res. Chem. Inter. 45 (2019) 2457-2470. (I.F 2.262)

13. Pooja Rawat, Shalu, Rajamani Nagarajan*, Mechanochemical transformation of ZnO2 to higly defective ZnO, Mater. Lett. 212 (2018) 178-181. (I.F 3.204)

14. Shalu Atri*, Diksharth Singh Dagar “Synthesis of organic and inorganic mechanoluminescent compounds” in the book “Mechanoluminescence in Inorganic and Organic compounds” 1st  Edition Chemistry and Applications published by ELSEVIER publication

15. Shalu, Shilpa, Ravi Tomar* “Introduction to Cerium and Cerium-based Materials, Chapter 1 in Bentham Science, 2021, Submitted (Under Review).

16. Shalu*, Sangeeta Yadav, Synthesis and Characterization Cerium-based Materials, Chapter 2 in Bentham Science, 2021, Submitted (Under Review).


Conferences, Seminars & Workshops 1. “A systematic approach towards the laboratory synthesis of MXene” in NCLA 2021, 9-11 Dec. 2021, Shalu Atri*, Neeti Sharma, Sheetal Yadav.

2. Catalytic applications of mesoporous CaBi2O4 obtained as single source precursor, ISMC-2018, BARC, 4-8 December 2018, Mumbai, India, Shalu Atri, Vidhu Malik, Sitharaman Uma, Rajamani Nagarajan*.

3. Mechanochemical transformation of ZnO2 to highly defective ZnO, International conference on Advances in Analytical Sciences (ICAAS-2018) at CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun, 15-17 March 2018, Dehradun, India, Shalu, Pooja Rawat, Sitharaman Uma*.

4. RTU (ATU) TEQIP-III Sponsored Five Days FDP programme on  “Recent Advances in Materials Characterization” organized by Rajasthan Technical University, Kota Vivekanada Institute of Technology, Jaipur on 15-19 Feb, 2021.

5. Six Days FDP Programme on “Emerging Trends in Cyber Security, Machine Learning & UI Design” organized by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering (FEAT), SGT University, Gurugram on 7-12 June, 2021.

6. Two days FDP on “Smart Applications of Nano sciences for innovative Engineering Aspects” organized by Department of Applied sciences PIET,Jaipur, on 13-14 April 2021.

7. Five dyas FDP on “Intellectual Property Rights & Research Ethics” Department of Obsterics & Gyanecological Nursing, SGT University, Gurugram on 5-9 October, 2021.

8. Two days workshop on frontiers in material sciences organized by School of Chemistry, Gangadhar Mehar University, Sambalpur, Odisha on 9-10 October, 2021.

9. Workshop on “Zotero a tool, to collect, organize, cite and share research work”

10. “Ecosystem Restoration for Improved Relationship with Nature” organized by National Institute of Disaster Management, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India in collaboration with The Institution of Engineers India J&K SC on 5 June, 2021.

11. “INDO-US Webinar & Lecture Series” organized by Department of Chemistry, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi on 1-9 June, 2021.

12. “Human Interventions leading to Bio-Diversity Loss & Environmental Crisis” organized by Rayat Bahra University, Mohali on 22 May, 2021.

13. Implementation of NEP 2020 with a view of Bhartiya culture organized by Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur on 10 April, 2021.

14. National Webinar on “Battling Environmental Woes: Peace Policy for Future” 10th October, 2020.

15. Science Academies’ Virtual Lecture Workshop on “Frontiers in Material Sciences” 9-10th October, 2020.

16. International Webinar on “Covid’-19 – Analysis using Machine Learning” 14th July, 2020.

17. TEQIP III Sponsored Online Workshop on “Advanced Techniques for Materials Characterization” 6-10th July 2020.

18. Rigaku Thin Film Application Workshop, 18th November 2016.

19. Seminar on Polymorphism, Elemental Analysis and Particle Size Characterization of Pharmaceuticals & Inorganic Material, 23-24th August 2017.

Technical Skills 1. Material Synthesis: – Expertise in carrying out various synthetic reactions, for synthesis of development of methodologies for newly Materials and their applications.

2. Instrumental Skills: – Good expertise in handling of Powder X-ray Diffractometer (PXRD), UV-visible spectrometer, Diffuse reflectance spectra, Photoluminescence (Optical Studies), FTIR, Raman, SEM (morphological studies), Cyclic voltammeter.

3. Structural Elucidation: Well versed with structure elucidation using DIAMOND, TOPAS, GSAS, CHEM DRAW, CHEMSKETCH and Powder Cell.

Admissions Open 2022 - 23