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Educational visit to National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi

Educational visit to National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi

An Educational visit of M.Sc. (Physics & Chemistry) & B.Sc. students was organized by Faculty of Physical Sciences, SGT University Gurugram to National Physical Laboratory (NPL), K.S.KrishananMarg, New Delhi on 28 September, 2017. NPL is a renowned research center in Physico – mechanical Standards, Time,Frequancy, Electrical and Electronics Standards, Environmental Physics, Chemistry& Biomedical Metrology and Advanced Materials and Devices. Thirty five students participated in the visit. Dr. R.C.Sharma, Professor & Head, Department of Physics Coordinated the visit. Dr. Amal Kumar Saha, Professor, Dr. Mukesh Kumar Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Dr. Kamlesh Sharma, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry participated in the visit.

Learning session start with the registration of the participants at registration desk.After taking the refreshment, students visited the different research labs and guided by the Ph.D. students volunteers provided by NPLLiquid Nitrogen & Liquid Helium gas Plants, Physico–mechanical Standards lab. , Nanotechnology & advanced materials and Single crystal growth lab.were the center of attraction.Single crystal growth and superconductivity labs., make the students more curious about the future scopes in research. In these research labs. Ph.D. scholars beautifully explained the working of advanced equipment’s and research activities in their respective labs. They visually demonstrated the research work in progress and tell about the historical development and facilities available in NPL.Our students actively participated in the discussion with Scientists and research scholars.

Outcomes of the visit are:

  1. Students gained experience of how the research activities are executed.
  2. They understand how the theoretical knowledge is realized in actual practice to make useful devices for the benefit of society.
  3. For the research-oriented students, such exposure help them to identify their prospective areas of research, they want to continue for future career.
  4. It helped in enhancing interpersonal skills and communication techniques.
  5. Such exposure develop the sense of responsibility among the students to work in a learning environment.

M.Sc. Students & B.Sc.(Non-medical) students of Faculty of Physical Sciences, SGT University with coordinator and Faculty Members at National Physical Laboratory on September 28, 2017 in an educational visit

M.Sc. students & B.Sc.(Non-medical) students of Faculty of Physical Sciences, SGT University observing an experimental demonstration on Liquid Nitrogen at National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi on September 28, 2017.

Date of Visit: 28th September, 2017 (Timing 9.30 A.M. – 4P.M.)

Name & Address of Organization: National Physical Laboratory, K.S. KrishananMarg, CSIR Complex, New Delhi.

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