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Environmental Chemistry Paper Code: 09040209

S. No.  Topic Domain Time(Hrs)
1 Environment:

1. Atmosphere, environmental segments, composition of the atmosphere,

2. earth’s radiation balance, particulates, ions, radicals and their formation,

3.  chemical and photochemical reactions in the atmosphere,

4.  air pollution: oxides of C,N,S and their effects, acid-rain, smog formation, Green house effects (global warming and ozone depletion).

4. Analytical Methods for measuring air pollutants. Continuous monitoring instruments.



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2.  Hydrosphere:

1. Chemical composition of water bodies-lakes, streams rivers, sea etc,

2. hydrological cycle, complexation in natural and waste water and microbially mediated redox reactions.

3. Water pollution-inorganic, organic pesticides, industrial and radioactive materials, oil spills and oil pollutants eutrophication, acid-mine drainage,

3. waste water treatment, domestic waste water aerobic and (anaerobic treatment), and industrial waste water treatmen



3.  Noise Pollution:

1. Sources,

2. effect on human health,

3. mitigation and control.



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4. Environmental Toxicology

1. Chemical solutions to environmental problems

2. Biodegradability, principles of decomposition,

3. Better industrial processes. Bhopal gas tragedy, Chernobyl, three mile island, Sewozo and Minamata disasters.



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Books Recommended:

  1. De, A.K. Environmental Chemistry.
  2. Environmental Chemistry-.
  3. Environmental Pollution Analysis.
  4. Subramaniam, V. Environmental Chemistry.
  5. Murray, J. Mc Ewan and Leon F. Philips. Chemistry of Atmosphere.
  6. Heichlen, J. Atmospheric Chemistry.