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Green Synthesis of Gold & Silver Nanoparticles

Green Synthesis of Gold & Silver Nanoparticles

Title of Project: Green Synthesis of Gold & Silver Nanoparticles

Achievements: Won 3rd Prize in SYNERGY -2018 in Research Category

Project Co-ordinators:

  • Dr Nutan Sharma
  • Dr Tanima Bajaj

Students Involved:

  • Ruchi  (M.Sc. Chemistry, 1st sem)
  • Mohit  (M.Sc. Chemistry, 1st sem)
  • Rohit   (M.Sc. Chemistry, 1st sem)
  • Saloni  (M.Sc. Chemistry, 1st sem)
  • Kalpana (M.Sc. Chemistry, 1st sem)
  • Diksharth (B.Sc., NM, 3rd sem)

Summary of the Project: The Project involved the exploration of green chemistry methodology to synthesize diversely important nanoparticles from their metal salt solutions by reducing them with fruit and plant extract.

The significance of the Project:

  • Green synthesis provides an advancement over chemical and physical methods as it is :
  • Cost-effective
  • Environment-friendly
  • Easily scaled up to large-scale synthesis
  • Does not require high pressure, temperature, energy and toxic chemicals
  • Since the nanoparticles have completely different and specific properties as compared to bulk they can be used in various fields like biomedical, sensors, catalysts, electronics, photocatalysis etc.
  • Moreover, these nanoparticles have a potential role to play as catalysts in various organic transformations. However, as per our literature studies, there are very few reports on the utilization of these naturally synthesized nanoparticles which can open up new possibilities of their exploration in methodology development in organic synthesis.
Admissions Open 2019-20