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Inorganic Special -III  (Code-09040303)

S.N/Unit Topic Domain Time                         (Hours)
1 Study of the role of metals in biological systems    
General survey of essential and trace metals Must know 5
Disturbing factors in metabolic process and causes of diseases Must know
Different classes of drugs Nice to know
Study of alkali and alkaline earth metals in biological systems  
Explain Ionophores Must know 7
Active transport of cations across membranes Must know
Sodium pump and Calcium pump Must know
Calcium carriers, role of carriers in muscle contraction, blood clotting and hormones. Must know
Metal ions in nucleotide systems Must know 3
Effect of metal ions on nuclei acids Must know
2 Study of Oxygen Carriers  
Porphyrins and  metalloporphyrins Must know 6
Structure and functions of hemoglobin and myoglobin Must know
Synthetic oxygen carrier model systems
Study of Nitrogen Fixation  
Biological nitrogen fixation Must know 6
Nitrogenase and model for nitrogenase
Metal-N2 complexes Must know
Photosynthesis and chlorophyll
Transferrin and  Ferritin Must know 3
3 Study of Metalloenzymes Must know 15
Zinc Enzymes – Carboxypeptidase & Carbonic anhydrase
Iron Enzymes – Catalase, peroxidase & cytochrome P- 450 Must know
Copper Enzymes – Superoxide dismutase, blue copper- proteins
  Coenzymes – Vitamins B12  
4 Study of Environmental Chemistry Must know 15
What is atmosphere, Chemical composition of atmosphere, atmospheric structure, Earth’s radiation balance
Oxides of N,C,S and their effects Must know
Green house effect, acid rain, photochemical smog
Air quality standards and  depletion of ozone Nice to know
Particulate matter in atmosphere  and  mechanism of aerosol formation in air Nice to know
  Noise pollution and their health hazards  

Books Recommended:
1. Inorganic Chemistry: Principles of Structure and Reactivity by J.E. Huheey
2. Environmental Chemistry by AK De
3. Environmental Pollution Analysis by Khopkar
4. Environmental Chemistry by V. Subramaniam