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Inorganic Special -IV  (Code-09040401)

S.N/Unit Topic Domain Time                         (Hours)
  Study of organometallic compounds    
1 Classification of organometallic compounds by bond types viz. covalent, ionic, electron deficient and cluster compounds. Must know 7
Types of alkyls and aryls of transition metals Must know 8
Their routes of synthesis
Stability and describe decomposition pathways
Organocopper in organic synthesis
2 Study of Transition Metal p-Complexes
Transition metal π–complexes with unsaturated molecules- alkenes, alkynes, allyl, & dienyl(metallocene) complexes, preparation Must know 15
Properties, nature of bonding and structural features
Important reactions related to nucleophilic and electrophilic attack on ligands and organic synthesis
3 Study of Compounds conatining Transition Metal-Carbon Multiple bonds
Transition metal- carbene complexes: Fischer type and Schrock type carbene complexes Must know 15
Their synthesis
Their reactions, structures & bonding
Transition metal-carbyne complexes-their synthesis, reactions and structural features
4 Study of fluxional organometallic Compounds
Fluxionality & dynamic equilibria in compounds such as acyclic alkenes,σ-bonded and π–bonded cyclic alkenes Must know 7
Rotation of ligands on metals, ligand scrambling on metals.
Study of applications of transition metal organometallics as Catalysts  
Zeigler-Natta polymerization 8
Homogeneous catalytic hydrogenation Must know
Alkene hydrogenation-Wilkinson Catalyst
Oxidation of olefins-Wacker’s process
Hydroformylation of olefins – the oxo process

Recommended Books:                
1. Organometallic Chemistry of Transition metals By RH Crabtree
2. Organometallics: A concise introduction by C. Elsenbroich
3. Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis by Didier Astruc
4. Organometallic: Complexes with transition metal-Carbon bonds by M. Bochman
5. Basic Organometallic Chemistry: Concepts, Syntheses and applications by Anil J. Elias
6. Organometallic Chemistry: A unified approach by R.C. Mehrotra and A. Singh
7. Organometallic Chemistry: Concise Coordination Chemistry by G.S. Sondhi,
R. Gopalan  and V. Ramalingam