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Inorganic Special -IV  (Code-09040402)

S.N/Unit Topic Domain Time                         (Hours)
1 Study of electrons at and across interfaces; electrochemical and chemical reactions    
Basic principles Must know 15
Residual current, migration current, diffusion current and limiting current Must know
Saturated calomel electrode(SCE) and dropping mercury electrode(DME) Must know
Use of Ilkovic equation and  Koutecky equation for diffusion current Must know
Polarographic waves(anodic and cathodic) and Half wave potentials Must know
Oxygen interference and maxima Nice to know
Function of supporting electrolyte Nice to know
2 Study of determination of stability constants of complexes (reversible systems only) by D.C. Polarography
Catalytic hydrogen wave. Must know 15
Principles of amperometric titrations, types of titration curves, and apparatus and techniques. Must know
Hanging mercury drop electrode and rotating droping mercury electrode Must know
Platinum electrodes(RPE), Gold electrode Nice to know
Carbon paste electrode, glassy carbon electrode and graphite electrode. Nice to know
3 Study of super imposed A.C. Polarography
Voltametry in quiet and stirred solution with electrode other than Mercury Must know 15
Square-wave polarography, normal and differential pulse polarography Must know
Chronopotentiometry Nice to know
Chronoamperometry Nice to know
Coulometry Nice to know
4 Study of theory of anodic stripping voltametry
Concentration process, rest period, and stripping process Must know 15
Cathodic stripping voltametry, Anodic deposition, and  Cathodic redissolution Must know
Experiments and applications of above system to Inorganic systems. Must know
Theory of ion selective electrodes (ISE) Nice to know
Demonstrate experiments and applications of ISE to Inorganic systems Nice to know


Books Recommended:

1. Modern Electrochemistry by Bockris, J.O.M and Reddy, A.K.N., Vol. 1&2
2. Electrochemistry by Glasstone, S.
3. Electrochemistry by Reiger, P.H.
4. Polarography by Heyrovsky
5. Polarography and Allied Techniques by Kannala, Zutshi