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Inorganic Special -VI  (Code-09040403)

S.N/Unit Topic Domain Time                         (Hours)
1 Study of the role of Metals in Medicine    
Biochemical bases of essential metal deficient diseases Must know 16
Iron, Copper and Zinc deficiencies and their therapies Must know
Carcinogens and carcinostatic agents Must know
Zinc in tumour growth and inhibition Must know
Anticancer activity and mechanism of Platinum complexes Must know
Anticancer activity of Rhodium, Copper and Gold complexes Must know
Anti cancer activity of Selenium Must know
Antibacterial and antiviral properties of metal complexes Must know
Polyamino carboxylic acids and polyethylene amines as chelating drugs Must know
2 Study of miscellaneous applications of Inorganic compounds as medicine
Drugs in hypo and hyper activity of thyroids Must know 7
Inorganic drugs in dental carries Must know
Clinical disorders of alkali and alkaline earth metals and their remedies Must know
Lithium drugs in psychiatry Nice to know
Study of heavy metals in Biological systems  
Toxicity of heavy metals– and their detoxification Must know 7
The role of Selenium in Biological systems with reference to its essentiality and toxicity Must know
The mechanism of metal ion induced toxicity Must know
The interaction between orally administered drugs and metal ions in gut Nice to know
  Study of Ligand therapy
3 Ligand induced toxicity Must know 15
Interference with haemoglobin in oxygen transport system Must know
Intefererence with metallo-enzymes Must know
The beneficial effects of ligand chelation Must know
Carcinogenic ligands and carcinostatic ligands Must know
Alkylating agents and Thiosemicarbazones as anticancer drugs Must know
Macrocyclic antibiotic ligands and probable mechanism of the drug Must know
The antiviral activity of chelating agents and aspirin chelation Must know
Drugs where chelation and therapeutic activity are unrelated Nice to know
  Study of Vitamins and their functions in general
4 Vitamins;  their functions in general; and recommended dietary allowances Must know 8
Deficiencies and supplementations Must know
Dietary miners – Calcium and vitamin D Must know
Antioxidants and their health effects Nice to know
Biomineralisation Nice to know
Study of Radiopharmacology  
Radiopharmacology and  nuclear medicines Must know 7
RadioIodine -1 31 and Technetium – 99m Nice to know
Gallium and Indium scan. Nice to know

1. Natural Products: Chemistry and Biological Significance by Mann, J., Davidson, R.S., Hobbs, J.B.,
Banthrope D.V., Harborne J.B.
2. Chemistry, Biological and Pharmacological Properties of Medicinakl plants from the Americas by
Hostettmann, K., Gupta, M.P. and Marston, A.
3. Metals in Medicine by James, C. Dabrowiak
4. Nobel Metals in Medicine by Farrell, N.
5. Metals in medical applications by Kohn, D.H.
6. Principles of Radiopharmacology by Deckart, H.