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Chemistry Lab – I:

The laboratory experiments are designed to help the students to learn main organic lab techniques (chromatography, crystallization, extraction, distillation) as well as general concepts on how to set up chemical reactions and heat apparatuses. This lab also helps the students to learn characterization of synthesized compounds by using spectroscopic techniques such NMR, IR and MS. The students are also trained in writing a scientific laboratory report.

Chemistry Lab – II:

This laboratory is intended to acquaint the students with the practice of experimental physical chemistry, the synthesis and characterizations of inorganic complexes. It is also aimed to provide the students a degree of competence in the laboratory skills required for accurate and precise chemical analysis. Therefore, it is expected that the students will demonstrate proficiency in the theory underlying analytical techniques and to apply this theory to obtain reliable analytical results on the synthesis of inorganic complexes.

The goal of the lab is to apply the principles of thermodynamics, kinetics and spectroscopy presented in the physical chemistry lecture courses, in some illustrative experiments. The students understand the interconnection between the experimental foundation and underlying theoretical principles and to appreciate the limitations inherent in both theoretical treatments and experimental measurements. Students learn a variety of physio-chemical measurement techniques to develop the laboratory skills and the ability to work independently. This lab also teaches the students how to deal with complexity, both in experimentation and data analysis, which is an important component of any scientist’s expertise.

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