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The Environmental Science laboratory plays a very important role in assessing the status of the environment comprising ecological, urban, rural, and industrial practices in relation with their impacts on the environment. Environmental Science Lab designed for the M.Sc. students of Environmental Science both Previous, Final year & Research Scholars. During each semester as per curriculum four lab courses conducted for the better understanding of analytical procedures and interactions. This Analytical Environmental Lab provide qualitative as well as quantitative data for good decision making purpose. The basic laboratory equipments are available to conduct researches on various aspects (air, water, noise, soil and biotic component) of Environmental Science.

The equipments available in the Environmental Lab include:

    1. O.D Incubator
    2. Bacteriological Incubator
    3. Hot plate
    4. Hot air oven
    5. Sound Meter
    6. Microscope
    7. Muffle Furnace
    8. Soil Thermometer
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