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The Mathematics Department has a Computer Centre is equipped with 50 Computers  (details i3 Processor (6100 CPU @ 3.70 GHZ) , 4 GB RAM , 512 GB/1 TB HHD, Integrated or Discrete graphics processor capable of 1366 X  768 (HD) resolution, Desktop: 19″ – 24″ widescreen flat-panel display , Built-in or external track pad, wireless and/or USB, 2-button, optical mouse ) connected through the Local Area Network and Wi-Fi. All students have free access to the Laptops to do their work any time of the day. The high speed internet connectivity of 16 mbps (24*7) to access vast intellectual resources . These facilities are an integral part of the curriculum. Students are expected to use computers in their day-to-day study in order to meet the challenges of modern learning and to keep pace with global scenario. Students are provided training on MATLAB, Sci Lab and R Software. Institute website has been dynamically designed to update the latest development in the institute on day to day basis.

Computer Centre caters to the computational and IT related needs of the academics and research. The main facilities provided by Computer Centre are:

  • University Local Area Network covering academic area, residential area and students’ hostels
  • Official Email facility to all departments & employees
  • Various software under Microsoft campus licensing for specialized research and general use by the campus
  • Reprographic Section equipped with high end Printing, Scanning & copying
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