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M.Sc. (Physics) | Subject: Electronic Devices | Subject Code: 09020104


Subject: Electronic Devices

Subject Code: 09020104




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  • p-n junction diode, Capacitance of p-n junctions, switching diodes,
  • Clippers & Clampers, photoconductors,
  • photodiode, light emitting diodes and liquid crystal display,
  • Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET) : Basic structure & Operation, pinch off voltage,
  • single ended geometry of JFET, Volt Ampere characteristic, Transfer Characteristics.
  • JFET as Switch and Amplifier.
  • MOSFET: Enhancement MOSFET, Threshold Voltage,
  • Depletion MOSFET, comparison of p & n Channel FET,
  • SCR, 4 layer pnpn devices,
  • Tunnel diode

Must Know




  • Radiative and non-radiative transitions.
  • Solar Cell: basic characteristics, radiation effects and fill factor,
  • Light dependent resistance (LDR), photodiodes,
  • p-i-n diodes, metal semiconductor, avalance photodiode,
  • Light emiiting diodes (LEDs), semiconductor diode lasers
  • Photo transistor, Temperature measurements: resistance thermometers, thermocouples,
  • Thermistors.

Must know




  • Differential Amplifier: Circuit configuration,
  • dual input balanced output different amplifier,
  • Inverting and Non-inverting inputs, CMRR,
  • Operational Amplifiers: Block diagram, open and close loop configuration,
  • inverting & non-inverting amplifier, Op-amp with negative feedback Voltage series feedback,
  • Effect of feedback on closed loop voltage gain,
  • Input resistance, output resistance, band width, output offset voltage,
  • Measurements of Op-amp parameters. Op-amp Application: D.C. and A.C. amplifier, summing, scaling and Averaging amplifier,
  • Integrator, Differentiator,
  • Electronic analog computation comparator.

Must know

Nice to know




  • Various Number system and their arithmetic: binary number system,
  • 2’s compliment, Octal number system, hexadecimal number system,
  • BCD codes, Excess-3 codes, Gray codes, Octal codes,
  • Hexadecimal codes and ASCII codes: Digital (binary) operation of a system,
  • Logic system, the OR gate, the AND gate, the NOT gate, the exclusive OR gate,
  • De Morgan’s laws, the NAND and NOR diode- transistor gates,
  • Modified DTL gates, high threshold logic (HTL) gates, transistor-transistor logic (TTL) gates output stages, resistance
  • transistor logic (RTL) logic, direct coupled transistor logic (DCTL) gates,
  • emitter coupled logic (ECL) gates, digital MOSFET circuits, complementary MOS (CMOS)
  • logic gates, comparison of logic families,
  • Karnaugh-amp (K-map) up to four variables and its applications.

Must know

Nice to know


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