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Subject: Computational Methods & Programming

Subject Code: 09020302

S. No. Topic Domain Hours as per UGC
1  Programming in C:
1. Constants, variables & data types.
2. Data Input & data output
3. Control Structures
4. If, switch, while, do while, for & Go statements      }
5. Functions & pointers
6. Arrays & array of structures
7 Union and File operations
8. Examples of writing C- programming of
computational methods.
Nice to Know
Must Know
10 hrs
2  Roots of Equations;
1.Limits for real roots of a polynomial equations
2. Bisection method
3. False position method
4. Newton Raphson method
5. Numerical based on Bisection, False position
& Newton Raphson method

Must Know

10 hrs
3  Linear Algebra:
1. Eigen values and Eigen vectors of a matrix
2. Inverse of a matrix, Determinant
3. Solution of linear systems of equations by Gauss Elimination method
4. Pivotal condensation method
5. Numerical Problems based on Eigen values & Eigen vectors of matrix & Gauss elimination method

Must Know

10 hrs
4  Integration and differentiation:
1. Trapezoidal rule
2. Simpson Rule (one – third)
3. Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations by Euler Method
4. Runge Kutta method.
5. Numerical Problems based on Trapezoidal rule, Simpson rule, Euler & Runge Kutta method

Must Know

10 hrs

Reference/ Taxt Books:

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