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Subject: Statistical Mechanics

Subject Code: 09020301

S.N Topic Domain Hours as per UGC
1 ·      Phase space

·      Liouville’s theorem,

·      Ensemble and Ensemble average.

·      The microscopic and macroscopic states,

·      Concept of equal a priori probability,

·      statistical equilibrium,

·      micro canonical ensemble,

·      Quantization of phase space,

·      Classic limit.

·      Symmetry of wave functions.

Must Know 10
2 ·      The   micro-canonical ensemble    theory    and  its    application  to    ideal   gas    of   monatomic

·      particles; canonical ensemble and its thermodynamics,

·      partition function;

·      classical ideal gas in canonical ensemble theory,

·      energy fluctuations; Equipartition and  Virial theorems,

·      a system of quantum harmonic oscillators as canonical ensemble;

·      Statistics of paramagnetism;

·      The grand canonical ensemble and  significance of statistical quantities,

·      classical ideal gas in grand canonical ensemble theory;

·      density and energy fluctuations.

Must know 10
3 ·      Quantum states and phase space;

·      an ideal gas in quantum mechanical ensembles;

·      Ideal Bose system,

·      basic concepts and thermodynamic behavior of an Ideal Bose gas;

·      Bose-Einstein condensation; gas of photons (the radiation fields) and gas of photons (the Debye filed);

·      Ideal Fermi systems;

·      the thermodynamic behavior of an Ideal Fermi gas,

·      discussion of heat capacity of a free electron gas at low temperatures;

·      Pauli parameters,

·      Boltzmann H-Theorem

Must know


Nice to know

4 ·      a dynamical model of phase transitions,

·      Critical indices,

·      Ising model,

·      Thermodynamic fluctuations,

·      random walk

·      Brownian motion,

·      introduction to non-equilibrium processes,

·      diffusion equation.

Must know


Nice to know



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