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Name Ms. Arunima Dutta
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification MSc. Forensic Science, UGC-NET
Total Years of Work Experience Fresher
Total Teaching Experience
Total Corporate Experience
Email ID [email protected]
Teaching Interests Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Chemistry, Instrumentation, questioned document, fingerprints
Research Interests Forensic Chemistry, Anthropology
Recent Publications

1. Article “Forensic Science in Criminal Justice System”- Nyayik Vigyan NVAFRCI, 2(9), 2020

2. Article “Forensic Science- A necessary tool in developing India”, Scientific India Magazine- scind.org- January-February 2021.

3. Article “Proper practices in crime scene investigation”- JIPMER Forensic Medicon 2018-page number-153

Poster Presentations:

1. Forensic Medicon-2018 JIPMER, Pondicherry, E-poster presentation titled “Proper practices in crime scene investigation”

2. National Conference of Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine-2019, e-poster presentation titled “Evolution of forensic science”- Srinivas University.

3. IWCFSC- FORENSICO DIALECTICA-2020- e-poster presentation titled “Role of forensic science in criminal justice system”- May 30, 2020

4. E-poster presentation in “International Forensic Odontology e-poster Competition-2020”- INPAFO- titled “Dental Evidences in Forensic Science”

5. E-Poster presentation titled “Non-destructive Tools for Questioned Document Examination” in National One day Online Symposium on “-Advanced Scientific Approaches in Forensic Science

Conferences, Seminars & Workshops

1. As a delegate in National Webinar on Cyber security and cyber regulations-April 2020- Legal Desire

2. As delegate in “Dental Morphology in Anthropological and Forensic Investigations”-Centre for Clinical Anthropometry, KMC- August 2020

3. As delegate in “How to read statistical aspects in a journal article”- August 2020

4. PG Lecture Series- A primer to Medical Genetics- December 2020

5. As a delegate in “Soft Biometrics and its Admissibility in Indian Courts”- November 2020

6. As a delegate in “Forensic and Trace evidence analysis of fiber in criminal investigation”- December 2020

7. As a delegate in “Combining micro extraction with TLC-Image Analysis for drugs and poisons”- Poison Centre, KMC, Manipal- December 2020

9. As a delegate in “Forensic Evaluation of document dating methodologies- past and present”- Former GEQD, Hyderabad- January 2021

9. As a delegate in “An International Webilogue on Covid-19 Pandemic vis-à-vis Current Forensic Medicine Practice”- Indian Society of Medicolegal- experts, July 2020

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