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S.No. Topic Domain Hours as per UGC
1 ·         Mechanics: Mechanics of single and system of particles, conservation of laws of linear momentum, angular momentum and mechanical energy, Centre of mass and equation of motion, constrained motion, degrees of freedom. Generalized coordinates, displacement, velocity, acceleration, momentum, force and potential. Hamilton’s variation principle, Lagrange’s equation of motion from Hamilton’s Principle. Must know 14
2 ·         Properties of Matter: Elasticity, Hooke’s law, Elastic constants and their relations, Poisson’s ratio, torsion of cylinder and twisting couple. Bending of beam (bending moment and its magnitude).

·         Theory of Relativity: Reference systems, inertial frames, Galilean invariance and Conservation laws, Newtonian relativity principle, Michelson – Morley experiment: Search for ether. Lorentz transformations, length contraction, time dilation, variation of mass with velocity and mass energy equivalence.

Must know 15
3 ·         Electrostatic Field: Derivation of field E from potential as gradient, derivation of Laplace and Poisson equations. Electric flux, Gauss’s Law and its application to spherical shell, uniformly charged infinite plane and uniformly charged straight wire, mechanical force of charged surface, Energy per unit volume. Nice to know 8
4 ·         Magnetism: Magnetic Induction, magnetic flux, solenoidal nature of Vector field of induction. Properties of (i)  (ii) . Electronic theory of dia and para magnetism (Langevin’s theory). Domain theory of ferromagnetism. Cycle of Magnetization – Hysteresis (Energy dissipation, Hysteresis loss and importance of Hysteresis curve).


Nice to know 10


Books Recommended:

  1. Electricity and Magnetism by A.S.Mahajan and A.A. Rangwala (Tata MC Graw Hill)
  2. Classical Mechanics by H. Goldstein (2nd Edition)
  3. Berkeley Physics Course, Vol. I, Mechanics by E.M. Purchell