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Scope of B.Sc. in Forensic Science Course

Scope of B.Sc. in Forensic Science Course

Forensic Science is a subject that provides knowledge and scientific methodology about legal matters and criminal investigations. It is a multi-disciplinary subject that encompasses various science subjects that consist of chemistry, physics, geology, biology, psychology, engineering, social science, etc.

Forensic Science fascinates many students as it is an exciting domain to make a career. Students who have a keen interest in science and legal matters can opt for this subject. In present times, it is a crime laboratory-based profession. This profession provides thrill, knowledge, and skill to the aspirants.

B.Sc Forenics science scope

BSc in Forensic Science is a 3-year undergraduate program that enables a student to learn how to make an analysis that involves anything from an object at the crime scene to soil, blood stains, saliva, body fluids, bones, fingerprints, DNA profiling, recovering data from computers, researching new techniques/ technology, etc. Forensic experts invest their knowledge of science to analyze the evidence found at a crime scene. This program includes essential components such as Forensic Pathology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Forensic Medicine, and Odontology (Dentistry).

All about BSc Forensic Science:

  • Forensic science includes the expertise about scientific knowledge for the investigation of crimes.
  • The main aim is to provide knowledge and understanding of how forensic science helps students analyze shreds of evidence found in crime scenes like soil, blood stains, saliva, body fluids, bones, fingerprints, DNA profiling, and recovering data from computers through researching techniques/ technology, etc.
  • Forensic science is the combined study of science subjects such as Forensic Pathology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Forensic Medicine, and Odontology (Dentistry).
  • Forensic is laboratory-based science that consists of various elements that include Chemistry, Biology, Toxicology, Ballistics, the Science of Fingerprinting, Questioned Documents, and Impressions.
  • This discipline covers the investigation of fire and explosion scenes and drug laboratories.
  • The subject is designed to apply scientific knowledge to assist the justice for administration, and it has no boundaries as far as science subjects are concerned.
  • Forensic science includes all the faculties of science that provide for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Medicine, among others.
  • Forensic Scientists’ primary responsibility is to collect, preserve, and examine physical evidence during the investigation.

Eligibility Criteria for B.Sc Forensic Science

  • The student must have passed 10+2 from a recognized educational board
  • Aspirants should have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology or Mathematics as compulsory subjects
  • Students should have secured 50%marks in the 12th examination

Scope of Forensic Science

After completing the Forensic Science course students, get ample opportunities in Govt and Private sectors. The program is designed to groom your skills and enhance them to make you capable of investigating legal and forensic matters. The study of the combination of science subjects improves your knowledge. Apart from jobs, students can also do forensic practice & open forensic service offices. Forensic Laboratories, Detective Offices, Banks, and other Govt. and private agencies are a few who provide employment opportunities for these graduates.

scope of B.Sc Forensic science

With the advancement of technology, the crime is getting more sophisticated and commercial; these focal points about crime make forensic science an excellent career option for students in the present. Completion of this degree program provides you a job assurance not only in India but abroad as well. Though India is still in the developing phase and countries like the USA, the UK, European countries, and other Asian countries provide a handful of opportunities to these graduates.

Career & Jobs

The crime rate and the number of criminals are increasing high, and due to this, the scope for forensic scientists has risen exponentially high.

There are several career options available for forensic scientists that include investigation officers who visit the crime scene to collect physical evidence and others who work at the laboratory to analyze and examine that collected evidence.

As forensic laboratory experts, they must testify as observers in both criminal and civil cases and work either for the defense or the prosecution.

In governmental organizations, these professionals work in law enforcement agencies and investigation departments such as police, investigative services of state and central government and legal system. Private organizations are also providing employment opportunities these qualified graduates.

The highly experienced and skilled forensic scientists are hired by Govt organizations such as Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) & Intelligence Bureau (IB) and RAW in India and by FBI, MI6 KGB kind of agencies abroad.

Graduates can also work as freelancers as forensic scientists specializing in one segment of the forensic audit of accounts. Experienced Forensic Scientists can also acquire a legal counselor position.

Teaching is another exciting career option for forensic graduates. Students can get teaching jobs in prominent universities such as SGT University.

After acquiring a forensic science degree, students can make their career in India, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, and many highly developed countries.

Why Forensic Science at SGT University?

  • SGT University offers research-oriented practical training programs.
  • We have updated the curriculum as per Choice Based Credit System implemented by UGC.
  • Our program consists of guest lectures by distinguished personalities to provide an extra edge to our students.
  • We have qualified and experienced faculty members with National and International exposure.
  • SGT University creative, innovative, and interactive teaching methodology as per IQAC guidelines
  • Our university is focusing on extracurricular activities to provide holistic development to the students.

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