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Secret Tips to crack Job Interviews

Secret Tips to crack Job Interviews

This webinar will enable Students, Schools/ Institutes, Teachers, Professors, Working professionals, Corporates to refine themselves and be better prepared to face various interviews leading to their career advancements. In the process, it will help improve their campus placement ratio (translating into the better brand image of your esteemed university). There were 270 registered and live participants.

Topics covered: *Basic overview of different stages of an interview

*Significance of these stages and *Important Do’s & Don’ts

*Resume and Social Media Profiling

*Importance of Body language during the interview

*Importance of Soft-skills during the interview

Mrs. Neha Bhatt Suri is super excited at imparting the following value additions to students:

* Plug Communication Skills-Gap

* Boost Confidence of the individuals by making them confident communicators.

* Raise Employability Ratio

* Help professionals in promotions and career growth. We find contentment in motivating and instilling positivity in     people.

* Raise Spending Power.

* Improve credibility and image of our nation at the global level.

She also focused on the following

  • Different Stages and aspects of an Interview.
    •  Various Interviewing Techniques-Phone/.Skype/.F2F.
    •  Basic English Grammar.
    •  Group Discussion Aspects.
    •  Presentation Skills.
  •  Impromtu/ Extempore Skills
    •  Body Language/ Gestures/ Eye-contact.
    •  Soft-skills.
    •  Effective Telephonic Conversation.
    •  Aspects of an impressive resume.
  •  Business writing/E-mail writing
  •  Capacity Building
    •  Cross-cultural Nuances.
  •  Personality Development
  •  Problem Solving Skills
  •  Leadership Skills
  •  Negotiation Skills
  •  Time-Management Skills
  •  Conflict Management
  •  Interpersonal Skills
  •  21stCentury Skills

After this session, participants were feeling very refreshed. Many of them gave their feedbacks in the chat box itself.

This session was much appreciated as it gave the participants ways to overcome their stress generated due to the current job scenario to crack Interviews.

All registered students who attended the Webinar were facilitated with the Certificate of Participation.