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Paper : Classical Mechanics and Theory of Relativity                

Code: 09010104

Sr. No. Topic Domain Hours as per UGC
1. 1.Laws of motion, motion under force

2.Mechanics of single and system of particles

3.Conservation of laws of linear momentum

4. angular momentum and 5.mechanical energy

6.Centre of mass and equation of motion

7.Constrained motion

8.Degrees of freedom

9. Generalized coordinates

Nice to Know






Must Know

8 hrs
2. 1.Rigid body motion

2.Rotational motion

3.Moment of inertia


5.Angular momentum

6.Kinetic energy of rotation

7.Theorems of perpendicular axes

8.Theorem parallel axis

9.Moment of inertia of solid sphere ,Hollow sphere

10. Spherical shell, solid cylinder

11.Hollow cylinder, solid bar of rectangular cross section


Nice to Know







Must Know

11 hrs
3. 1.Frames of reference systems

2.Interial frames of reference

3.Galilean transformations equation

4.Michelson Morley experiment

5.Search for ether

6.Lorentz transformation equations

7.Length contraction

8.Time dilation

9.Velocity addition theorem

10.Variation of mass with velocity

11. mass equivalence

Must Know 11 hrs


Reference Books:

  1. Beiser Aurthur. Concept of Modern Physics
  2. Goldstein, H. Classical Mechanics. 2nd ed.
  3. Purchell, E. M. Berkeley Physics Course. Vol. I – Mechanics
  4. Gupta and Kumar, Classical Mechanics
  5. H.Goldstein, Classical Mechanics