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Paper : Electricity and Magnetism

Code: 09010105


Sr. No. Topic Domain Hours as per UGC
1. 1.Scalars and vectors, Dot and cross product, Triple vector product, Scalar and vector fields, Differentiation of a vector

2. Gradient of a scalar and its physical significance,

3. Integration of a vector (line, surface and volume integral and their physical significance)

4. Gauss’s divergence theorem

5. Stoke’s theorem

6.Coulomb’s law, Work done on a charge in an electrostatic field expressed as a line integral

7. Conservative nature of the electric field, Derivation of field E from potential as gradient

8. Derivation of Laplace, Poisson’s equations



Must Know







9 hrs
2. 1.Electric flux, Gauss’s law and its application for finding E for uniformly charged infinite plane

2. Electric field of uniformly charged straight wire

3. Mechanical force of charged surface,

4. Energy stored per unit volume in an electric field

5. Dielectrics,Parallel plate capacitor with a dielectric

6. Dielectric constant, Polarization and polarization vector

7.Displacement vector,

8. Gauss’s Law in the presence of a dielectric, Claussis Mossosti relation




Must Know

11 hrs
3. 1.Magnetic induction,  magnetic flux,  magnetic force on a moving charge, Lorentz force equation

2. Bio-Savart’s law

3. Ampere’s law

4. Solenoid nature of vector field of induction properties of B


5. Electronic theory of dia and paramagnetism

6.Domain theory of ferromagnetism (Langevin’s theory),

7.cycle of magnetization-hysteresis loop

8. energy dissipation

9. hysteresis loss, importance of hysteresis curve

Must Know 10 hrs


Reference Books:

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  1. Mahajan, A.S. and A.A. Rangwala. Electricity and Magnetism. New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill
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