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Paper I : (Theory) Inorganic Chemistry

Code : 09010107

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Atomic Stucture :

1.      Idea of de Broglie matter waves, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, atomic orbitals.

2.      Quantum numbers, radial and angular wave functions and probability distribution curves, shapes of s ,p, d  orbitals

Must Know 8



Periodic Properties   

1.       General principles of periodic table: Aufbau and Pauli exclusion principles, Hund’s multiplicity rule

2.       Electronic configurations of  the elements, effective nuclear charge, Slater’srules. Atomic and ionic radii.

3.       Ionization energy, electron affinity and electronegativitydefinition, methods of determination or evaluation, trends in periodic table (ins & p block elements).

Must Know 10




Covalent Bond :


1.       Valence bond theory and its limitations, directional characteristics of covalent bond, various types of hybridization.

2.        Shapes of simple inorganic molecules and ions (BeF2,  BF3,  CH4,  PF5,   SF6,  IF7  SO42-, ClO4- ) Valence shell electron pair repulsion (VSEPR) Theory  to NH3, H3O+, SF4, CIF3, ICI2- and  H2O.

3.        MO  theory of  hetero nuclear (CO and NO) diatomic molecules,  bond  strength  and  bond  energy,  percentage  ionic  character from  dipole-moment and  electro negativity difference


Nice to know 18


Books :

  1. Chemistry for Degree Students ( B. Sc I)  By Dr. R.L. Madan , S . Chand
  2. Concise Inorganic Chemistry , J.D Lee (Latest Edition) E.L.B.S.
  3. University Chemistry 3rd Edition by  B H Mahan, Narosa
  4. Concepts and Models in Inorganic Chemistry , Douglas , McDanial and Alexanderm, John Wiley