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Paper I: (Theory) Organic Chemistry



S. No / Section Topic Domain Hours


Structure and Bonding :

1.       Localized  and  delocalized  chemical   bond,

2.        van  der  Waals interactions, resonance: conditions, resonance effect and its applications.

3.       Hyper conjugation, inductive effect,  Electromeric  effect & their  comparison.

Must Know 8



Stereochemistry-I :

1.       Conceptof       Isomerism. Types of isomerism. Optical isomerism , elements of symmetry.

2.       Molecular  chirality, enantiomers, stereogenic centre, optical  activity.

3.       Properties  of  enantiomers, chiral and achiral molecules with two stereogenic centres,

4.       diastereomers, threo and erythro diastereomers, mesocompounds,

5.       Resolution  of  enantiomers,  inversion,  retention  and racemization.

Stereochemistry of OrganicCompounds-II :

6.       Relative and absolute configuration, sequence rules, R&S systems of nomenclature. Geometric isomerism,

7.       Determination of   configuration of geometric isomers .E&Z system of nomenclature,

8.       Conformational isomerism, confirmational analysis of ethane and n-butane, conformations of cyclohexane, axial and equatorial bonds,.

9.       Newman  projection and  Sawhorse  formulae, Difference between configuration and conformation.

Must Know 18




Mechanism of Organic Reactions :

1.       Curved arrow notation, drawing electron movements with arrows, half-headed and double-headed   arrows,

2.       Homolytic and heterolytic bond breaking. Types of reagents – electrophiles and  nucleophiles.

3.       Types of organic reactions. Energy considerations. Reactive intermediates, carbocations, carbanions,

4.       Freeradicals, carbenes, arynes and nitrenes (formation, structure & stability).

5.       Assigning formal charges on intermediates and other ionic species


Nice to know 10

Books :

  1. Chemistry for Degree Students ( B. Sc I)  By Dr. R.L. Madan , S . Chand
  2. Organic Chemistry , I.L.Finar Ist volume
  3. Organic Chemistry Arun Bhal and BS Bhal , S Chand
  4. Organic Chemistry Morrison RT and Boyd RN , Prentice Hall