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Paper I : (Theory) Organic Chemistry

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Alkenes :

1.       Nomenclature of alkenes, , mechanisms of dehydration of alcohols and  dehydro halogenation  of  alkyl  halides,.

2.       The  Saytzeff  rule, Hofmann elimination, physical properties and relative stabilities of alkenes.

3.       Chemical   reactions   of   alkenes,  mechanisms   involved   in hydrogenation,     electrophilic     and     free radical additions,

4.        Markownikoff’s   rule,   hydroboration–oxidation,   oxy mercuration- reduction, ozonolysis, hydration, hydroxylation and oxidation with KMnO4

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Arenes and Aromaticity :

1.       Nomenclature of benzene derivatives:. Aromatic nucleus and side chain.

2.       Aromaticity:the Huckel rule, aromatic ions, annulenes up to 10 carbon  atoms,  aromatic,  anti  –  aromatic  and  non  –  aromatic compounds.

3.       Aromatic electrophilic substitution  , general pattern   of   the mechanism,  mechansim  of  nitration, halogenation,  sulphonation, and  Friedel-Crafts reaction. Energy profile diagrams.

4.       Activating, deactivating  substituents and orientation


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Dienes and Alkynes :

1.   Nomenclature and classification of dienes isolated, conjugated and cumulated dienes.

2.   Structure of butadiene,. Chemical reactions, 1,2 and 1,4 additions (Electrophilic & free radical mechanism),Diels-Alder  reaction,

3.   3. Nomenclature,  structure  and  bonding  in alkynes. Methods of formation.  Chemical reactions of alkynes, acidity of alkynes.

4.   Mechanism of electrophilic and nucleophilic addition  reactions, hydroboration-oxidation of alkynes

Alkyl and Aryl Halides :

1.       Nomenclature and classes of alkyl halides, methods of formation, chemical     reactions.

2.        Mechanisms  and  stereochemistry  of nucleophilic substitution reactions of alkyl  halides,  SN2 and  SN1 reactions with energy profile diagrams. Methods of formation and reactions of aryl halides,

3.       The addition- elimination     and     the   elimination- addition     mechanisms     of  n ucleophilic aromatic substitution reactions.

4.        Relative reactivities of alkyl halides vsallyl, vinyl and arylhalides

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Books :

  1. Chemistry for Degree Students ( B. Sc I)  By Dr. R.L. Madan , S . Chand
  2. Organic Chemistry , I.L.Finar Ist volume
  3. Organic Chemistry Arun Bhal and BS Bhal , S Chand
  4. Organic Chemistry Morrison RT and Boyd RN , Prentice Hall