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Paper I : (Theory) Physical Chemistry


S. No / Section Topic Domain Hours


Gaseous States

1.       Maxwell’s   distribution of  velocities   and   energies   (derivation excluded)

2.       Calculation  of  root  mean  square  velocity,  average velocity and most probable velocity.

3.       Collision diameter, collision number, collision frequency and mean free path.

4.       Deviation of Real gases for  ideal behaviour.

5.        Derivation of Vander Waal’s Equation of  State, its application in the calculation of Boyle’s temperature (compression factor)

6.       Explanation of  behaviour of real gases using Vander Waal’s equation

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Critical  Phenomenon

1.       Critical  temperature,  Critical  pressure, critical  volume  and  their determination.

2.       PV   isotherms  of  real gases,  continuity  of  states,  the   isotherms  of  Vander  Waal’s equation,   relationship   between   critical   constants   and   Vander Waal”s  constants.

3.       Critical compressibility  factor.  The Law of corresponding  states. Lequifaction of gases

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Liquid State

1.       Structure  of  liquids.

2.       Properties   of  liquids  –  surface  tension,

3.       Viscosity

4.        Vapour   pressure    and

5.       Optical   rotations    and    their determination

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Books :

  1. Chemistry for Degree Students ( B. Sc I)  by Dr. R.L. Madan , S . Chand
  2. Essential of Physical Chemistry by Arun Bhal , B.S. Bhal , G.D. Tuli
  3. Physical Chemistry, Borrow G.M. (2007) Tata McGraw-Hill
  4. Physical Chemistry, Castellian G.W(2004) 4th Edition Narosa