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Paper V (Theory) Organic Chemistry Code 09010509

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1  NMR Spectroscopy-I

1. Principle      of      nuclear      magnetic      resonance

2. PMR spectrum

3. Number    of    signals,    peak     areas,

4. Equivalent    and nonequivalent    protons    5. Positions    of    signals    and    chemical shift

6. Shielding        and        deshielding of protons,

7. Proton counting,

8. Splitting  of  signals  and  coupling  constants,

9. Magnetic equivalence of protons.



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2. NMR Spectroscopy-II

1.Discussion of PMR spectra of the molecules: ethyl bromide, n-propyl  bromide,  isopropyl  bromide,  1,1-dibromoethane,  1,1,2-tribromoethane,   ethanol, acetaldehyde, ethyl acetate, toluene, benzaldehyde and    acetophenone.

2. Simple problems on PMR spectroscopy for structure determination of organic compounds.




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3. Carbohydrates-I

1. Classification and nomenclature. Monosaccharides

2. Mechanism of osazone formation, interconversion  of  glucose and fructose, chain lengthening and chain shortening of aldoses.

3. Configuration of monosaccharides. Erythro and threo diastereomers.

4. Conversion of glucose into mannose. Formation of glycosides, ethers and esters.

5. Determination of ring size of glucose and fructose. Open chain and cyclic structure of D(+)-glucose & D(-) fructose.

5. Mechanism of muta rotation. Structures of  ribose and deoxyribose.


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1. An introduction to disaccharides (maltose, sucrose and lactose) and polysaccharides (starch and cellulose) without involving structure determination.




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5 Organometallic Compounds

1. Organo-magnesium compounds: the Grignard reagents-formation

2 Structure and chemical reactions. Organo-zinc compounds: formation and chemical reactions. Organo-lithium compounds: formation and chemical reactions



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