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Solid State Physics & Electronics Devices

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S. No Topic Domain Hours
1 Crystal Structure

1. Crystalline materials, liquid crystals. glass transition

2.Crystal structure, periodicity, lattice and basis, crystal translational vectors and axes,

3.Unit cell and primitive cell, Winger Seitz primitive cell

4.Symmetry operations for a two dimensional crystal

5. Bravais lattices in two and three dimensions.

6. Crystal planes and Miller indices.

7.Inter-planner spacing,

8.Crystal structures of Zinc Sulphide, * Sodium Chloride and diamond

Must Know 10 hours
2 X- Ray Diffraction

1. X-ray diffraction,

2. Laue’s theory of X-ray

3. Bragg’s Law and experimental x-ray diffraction methods.

4. Reciprocal lattice and its physical significance, reciprocal lattice vectors.

5. Reciprocal lattice to a simple cubic lattice,

B.C.C and F.C.C.

6.Lattice vibrations,

7. Specific heat of solids,

8.Einstein’s theory of specific heat

9. Debye model of specific heat of solids.

10.Free electron theory

11. Band theory (qualitative), metals, insulator and semiconductor.

Must Know 10 hours
3 Solid State Electronics:

1.P-N junction diode and their V-I characteristics

2. Zener and avalanche breakdown. Resistance of a diode,

3. Light Emitting diodes (LED).

4. Photo conduction in semiconductors.

5. Photodiode, Solar Cell.

6. P-N junction half wave rectifier.

7. P-N junction full wave rectifier.

8. Bipolar transistors, working of NPN *Transistor connections (C-B, C-E, C-C mode),

9. Constants of transistor. Transistor characteristic curves (excluding h parameter analysis), transistor amplifiers.

10. Working of PNP Transistor connections (C-B, C-E, C-C mode), constants of transistor.

11.Transistor characteristic curves (excluding h parameter analysis),

12. Transistor amplifiers.

Must Know 10hours


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