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Statistical Mechanics Sub. Code:  09010405

S. No Topic Domain Hours
1 Probability

1.Probability, some probability considerations,

2.Combinations possessing maximum probability

3.Combinations possessing minimum probability,

4. Distribution of molecules in two boxes.

5. Case with weightage (general). Phase space

6.Microstates and macrostates

7. Accessible states,

8.Thermodynamical probability

Must Know 12 hours
2 Statistical Physics and Distribution Law

1. Postulates of Statistical Physics. *Division of Phase space into cells

2.Condition of equilibrium between two systems in thermal contact

3. B-Parameter.

4. Entropy and Probability

5. Boltzman’s distribution law.

6. Evaluation of A and B.

7. Bose-Einstein statistics, 8. Application of B.E.  9.Statistics to Planck’s radiation law,

10. B.E. gas.

Must Know 10 hours
3 Fermi-Dirac Statistics

1.Fermi-Dirac statistics

2. M.B. Laws limiting case of B.E.

3. Degeneracy

4. B.E. condensation.

5. F.D. Gas,

6. Electron gas in metals.


Must Know 8 hours