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Subject: Atomic, Molecular And Laser Physics

Subject Code: 09010604

S. No. Topic Domain Hours as per UGC
1 1..Vector Atom  Model

2. Penetrating & non penetrating orbits.

3. Alkali Spectra.

4. Spin orbit Interaction and Doublet Term separation.

5 LS and JJ coupling.

Must Know 10 hrs
2 1. Zeeman Effect (Normal & Anomalous).

2.Paschen Back effect.

3. Weak field Strak effect of H atom.

4.Electronic energies of molecules.

5. Quantization of  Vibrational & Rotational energies.

6. Raman Effect.

Must Know 10 hrs
3 1. Main features of Laser.

2. Einstein coefficients.

3.Momentum Transfer & life time of a level.

4.Kinetics of optical absorption,

5. Threshold condition for Laser action.

6. He –Ne Laser

7. Ruby Laser

Must Know 10 hrs


Reference / Text Book:

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