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Subject: Nuclear Physics Code: 09010605

S. No. Topic Domain Hours as per UGC
1 1. Nuclear Mass

2.Binding Energy

3.Properties of Nucleus.

4. Determination of mass of Nucleus by Bain Bridge and Bain Bridge & Jordan mass spectrograph.

5. Det. Of Charge by Mosley law.

6. det. Of size of Nucleus.

Must Know 8 hrs
2 1. Interaction of heavy charged particles with matter.

2.Energy loss

3. Energetics of Alpha decay.

4. Geiger –Nuttal law.

5. Beta spectrum and Neutrino hypothesis,

6. Beta decay and its Energetics.

7. Energy loss of Beta particle.

8. Nature and Energetics of Gamma Ray

9.Passage of Gamma radiations through matter

10. Electron – Positron annihilation

11. Absorption of Gamma rays.

Must Know 10 hrs
3 1. Nuclear Reactions.

2. Conservation Laws & Q value.

3. General aspects of Reactor design.

4. Nuclear Fission Reactor.

4. Nuclear Fusion Reactor.

5.. Linear Accelerator.

6. Tandem accelerator.

7. Cyclotron Accelerator.

Must Know 12 hrs


Reference/Taxt Books:

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