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Subject :Oscillation and Wave Theory Code‐ 09010404

S. No Topic Domain Hours
1 Harmonic Oscillators and Oscillation

1. Potential well, harmonic Oscillator.

2. Differential equation and its solution.

3.Kinetic and potential energy,

4.Examples of simple harmonic oscillations

5.Spring and mass system, Simple and compound pendulum

6.Mathematical Problems Related to the pendulums

7.Torsional Pendulum

8.Mathematical Problems Related to the pendulums

9.Brief Explanation and derivation of Oscillations of two masses connected by a spring

Must Know 12 hours
2 Oscillators and vibration

1.Superposition of two simple harmonic vibrations

2.Lissajous figures

3.Case of different frequencies

4.Coupled Oscillators,

5.Normal Modes ,

6.N Coupled Oscillators

7.Damped  harmonic oscillators

8.Power absorption,

9. Resonance in systems with many degree of freedom.

Must Know 9 hours
3 Waves theory

1.Speed of transverse waves on a uniform string

2. Speed of longitudinal waves in fluid

3. Energy density

4.Energy transmission in waves,

5.Gravity waves and ripples,

6. Group velocity and phase velocity.

7.Superposition of waves,

8. Standing waves as normal modes of bound systems.

9. Production of ultrasonic,

detection of ultrasonic

10 Production of infrasonic waves, detection of infrasonic waves and applications.

Must Know 9 hours


Books Recommended:

  1. Ghatak, Ajay. Optics. New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill, 1977.
  2. Pedrotti, Frank L. and Leno S. Pedrotti. Introduction of Optics. Prentice-Hall, 1987.