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Title Environmental Science  (Code 09010510)

S.no. Topic Domain Time (Hour)
1. Natural Resources: Forest resources. Water resources, Mineral resources, Mineral resources, food resources,

Energy and land resources

Must Know 8
2. Ecosystem:

Concept, Structure, function, food chain, food web

Energy flow in ecosystem

Ecological succession

Biodiversity and its conservation:

Hotspots of biodiversity

Threat to biodiversity


Must know


Nice to know


Must Know

3.   Environmental Pollution:

Air, water, soil, thermal,  Nuclear, Noise and Marine pollution

Solid waste management,


Pollution case studies

Disaster management

Must know


Nice to know


Must know




  1. De, A.K. Environmental Chemistry.
  2. Environmental Chemistry-.
  3. Environmental Pollution Analysis.
Admissions Open 2019-20