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Title Numerical Analysis (Code 09010603)

S.No. Unit Contents Domain Hours as per UGC
1 One 1.    Finite difference operators and their relations

2.    Finiding the missing terms and effect of error in a difference tabular values

3.    Interpolation with equal intervals

4.    Interpolation with unequal intervals

5.    Lagrange’s interpolation formulae, Hermite formula

Must Know 15
2 Two 1.    Central Differences: Gauss forward and Gauss’s backward interpolation formulae

2.    Sterling, Bessel Formula

3.    Probability distribution of random variables, Binomial, Poisson’s and Normal distribution

4.    Numerical differentiation: Derivative of a function using interpolation formulae as studied in section-I &II

5.    Eigen value Problems: Power method, Jacobi’s method

6.    Given’s method, House Holder’s method

7.    QR method, Lanczos method

Must know 15
3 Three 1.    Numerical integration: Newton’s Cote’s Quadrature formula

2.    Trapezoidal, Simpon’s one-third and three-eigth rule

3.    Chebyehev formula, Gauss Quadratic formula

4.    Numerical solution of ODEs: Single-step methods-Picard’s method, Taylor’s series method

5.    Euler’s method, Runge-Kutta method

6.    Modified Euler’s method,

7.    Milne-Simpson’s method

Must know



Nice to know


Books Recommended:

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  2. Babu Ram. Numerical Methods. New Delhi: Pearson Publication.
  3. Gupta, R.S. Elements of Numerical Analysis. New Delhi: Macmillan’s India. 2010.