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Title- Programming in C and Numerical Methods (Code-09010403

S.No. Unit Contents Domain Time (Hrs)
1 One 1.       Programmer’s model of a computer, Algorithms,

2.       Flow charts, Data types,

3.       Operators and expressions,

4.       Input / outputs functions.

Must know

Nice to know

2 Two 1.       Decisions control structure,

2.       Decision statements, Logical and conditional statements,

3.       Implementation of Loops, Switch Statement & Case control structures.

4.       Functions, Preprocessors and Arrays.

Must know 10
3 Three 1.       Strings: Character Data Type, Standard String handling Functions,

2.       Arithmetic Operations on Characters. Structures: Definition, using Structures, use of Structures in Arrays and Arrays in structures.

3.       Pointers: Pointers Data type,

4.       Pointers and Arrays, Pointers and Functions.

5.       Solution of Algebraic and Transcendental equations: Bisection method,

6.       Regula-Falsi method,

7.       Secant method, Newton-Raphson’s method. Newton’s iterative method for finding pth root of a number,

8.       Order of convergence of above methods.

9.       Simultaneous linear algebraic equations: Gauss-elimination method, Gauss-    Jordanmethod,

10.    Triangularization method (LU decomposition method). Crout’s method, CholeskyDecomposition method,

11.    Iterative method, Jacobi’s method, Gauss-Seidal’s method, Relaxationmethod.

Must know

Nice to know



Books Recommended:

  1. W. Kernighan and D.M. Ritchie : The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition,
  2. Rajaraman : Programming in C, Prentice Hall of India, 1994,
  3. Byron S. Gottfried : Theory and Problems of Programming with C, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. Ltd.,1998,
  4. K. Jain, S.R.K.Lyengar, R.K. Jain : Numerical Method, Problems and Solutions, New Age International (P), Ltd., 1996.