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Title Quantum Mechanics Code 09010504

S. No Topic Domain Hours
1 Origin of Quantum Mechanics

1. Failure of (Classical) E.M. Theory.

2.Quantum theory of radiation (old quantum theory)

3.Photon, photoelectric effect

4.Einstein’s photoelectric equation

5. Compton effect (theory and result).

6.Inadequancy of old quantum theory,

7. De-Broglie hypothesis.

8. Davisson and Germer experiment.

9. G.P. Thomson experiment. *Phase velocity group velocity,

10. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

11.Time-energy and angular momentum,

12.Position uncertainty

13. Uncertainty principle from de-Broglie wave, (wave-particle duality).

14.Gamma Ray Microscope, Electron diffraction from a slit.

Must Know 13 hours
2 Schrodinger Wave Equation

1.Derivation of time dependent Schrodinger wave equation

2.Eigen values, Eigen functions

3. Wave functions and its significance.

4. Normalization of wave function

5. Concept of observable and operator.

6.Solution of Schrodinger equation for harmonic oscillator

7. Ground states and excited states.


Must Know 8 hours
3 Application of Schrodinger Wave Equation

1. Application of Schrodinger equation in the solution of the following one-dimensional problems

2. Free particle in one dimensional box (solution of Schrodinger wave equation

3. Eigen function, eigen values, quantization of energy and momentum,

4. Nodes and antinodes, zero point energy).

5.(i) One-dimensional potential barrier,

6. E>V0 (Reflection and Transmission coefficient).

7.(ii) One-dimensional potential barrier,

8. E>V0 (Reflection Coefficient, penetration of leakage coefficient, penetration depth).

Must Know 9 hours



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