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Title – Solid Geometry (Code-09010203)

S.N Unit Content Domain Hours as per UGC
1 one 1.    General  equation of second degree,

2.    Tracing of conics, Tangent at any point to the conic,

3.    Chord of contact, pole of line to the conic,

4.    System of conics, Confocal conics,

5.    Polar equation of a conic,

6.    Tangent and normal to the conic

Must Know 15
2 Two 1.    Sphere: Plane equation of a sphere,

2.    Sphere through a given circle,

3.    Intersection of two spheres,

4.    Radical plane of two spheres, Co-axal system of spheres,

Must know 15
3 Three 1.    Cones, Right circular cone, enveloping and reciprocal cone,

2.    Cylinder: Right circular cylinder and enveloping cylinder,

3.    Central Conicoids: Equation of tangent plane,

4.    Director sphere,

5.    Normal to the conicoids,

6.    Polar plane of a point,

7.    Enveloping cone of a conicoid,

8.    Enveloping cylinder of a conicoid,

9.    Paraboloids: Circular section,

10.   Plane sections of conicoids,

11.   Generating lines, Confocal conicoid,

12.   Reduction of second degree equations,

Must know


Nice to know


Books Recommended:

  1. Shanti Narayan: Differential and Integral Calculus.
  2. Murray R.Speigel: Theory and Problems of Advanced Calculus, Schaum’s Outline series, Schaum Publishing Co., New York.
  3. Piskunov: Differential and Integral Calculus, Peace Publishers, Moscow.
  4. Gorakh Prasad: Differential Calculus, Pothishasla Pvt. Ltd. Allahabad.
  5. Gorakh Prasad: Integral Calculus, Pothishasla Pvt. Ltd. Allahabad.