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First Semester

Title-Algebra (Code-09010101)

Title – Calculus (Code-09010102)

Title – Vector (Code-09010103)

Paper – Classical Mechanics and Theory of Relativity (Code: 09010104)

Paper – Electricity and Magnetism Code: 09010105

Paper I : (Theory) Inorganic Chemistry Code : 09010107

Paper I : (Theory) Physical Chemistry Code;09010108

Paper I: (Theory) Organic Chemistry  Code – 09010109

Title-Computer Fundamentals (Code-09010110)

Second Semester

Title-Number Theory and Trigonometry (paper-1)  (Code-09010201)

Title-Ordinary Differential Equations (Code-09010202)

Title – Solid Geometry (Code-09010203)

Subject: Properties of Matter and Kinetic Theory of Gases  Code: 09010204

Subject: Electromagnetic Theory and Fibre Optics Code: 09010205

Paper I: (Theory) Inorganic Chemistry Code;09010207

Paper I: (Theory) Physical Chemistry Code 09010208

Paper I: (Theory) Organic Chemistry  Code- 09010209

Third Semester

Title- Advance Calculus (Code-09010301)

Title-PDE (Code-09010302)

Title-Statics (Code-09010303)

Subject: Optics Paper Code: 09010304

Subject: Thermodynamics Paper Code: 09010305

Paper-III- (Theory) Inorganic Chemistry Code 09010307

Paper-III-(Theory) Physical Chemistry  Code;09010308

Paper-III- (Theory) Organic Chemistry Code;09010309

Paper: Professional Communication Code: 09010310

Fourth Semester

Title- Sequences and Series (09010401)

Title- Special Functions & Integral Transforms (Code-09010402)

Title- Programming in C and Numerical Methods (Code-09010403)

Subject: Oscillation and Wave Theory Code ‐ 09010404 

Statistical Mechanics Sub. Code:  09010405 

Paper IV (Theory) Inorganic Chemistry Code 09010408

Paper IV (Theory) Physical Chemistry Code 09010409

Paper IV (Theory) Organic Chemistry Code  09010410

Fifth Semester

Title Real Analysis (Code 09010501)

Title Groups and Rings (Code 09010502)

Title Dynamics (Code 09010503)

Title Quantum Mechanics Code 09010504

Solid State Physics & Electronics Devices Code 09010505

Paper V (Theory) Inorganic Chemistry Code 09010507

Paper-V- (Theory) Physical Chemistry Code 09010508

Paper V (Theory) Organic Chemistry Code 09010509 

Title Environmental Science  (Code 09010510)

Sixth Semester

Title Real and Complex Analysis (Code 09010601)

Title-Linear Algebra (Code-09010602)

Title Numerical Analysis (Code 09010603)

Subject: Atomic, Molecular And Laser Physics Subject Code: 09010604

Subject: Nuclear Physics Code: 09010605

(Theory) Inorganic Chemistry  Code;09010607

Paper VI (Theory) Physical Chemistry  code 09010608

Paper VI (Theory) Organic Chemistry  Code 09010609