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Fluid Dynamics  (Code-09050605)




Time                         (Hours)


  • Kinematics- Eulerian and Langrangian methods

Must know


  • Stream lines, path lines and streak lines
  • Velocity potential
  • Irrotational and rotational motions
  • Vortex lines
  • Equation of continuity
  • Boundary surfaces


  • Acceleration at a point of a fluid

Must know


  • Components of acceleration in cylindrical and spherical polar coordinates
  • Pressure at a point of a moving fluid
  • Euler’s and Lagrange’s equations of motion
  • Bernoulli’s equation
  • Impulsive motion
  • Stream function


  • Acyclic and cyclic irrotation motions

Must know


  • Kinetic energy of irrotational flow
  • Kelvin’s minimum energy theorem
  • Axially symmetric flows
  • Liquid streaming past a fixed sphere
  • Motion of a sphere through a liquid at rest at infinity
  • Equation of motion of a sphere
  • Three-dimensional sources ,sinks,doublets and their images
  • Stroke’s stream function


  • Irrotational motion in 2-D

Nice to know


  • Complex velocity potential
  • Milne-Thomson circle theorem
  • 2-D sources, sinks, doublets and their images
  • Blasius theorem
  • 2-D irrotation motion produced by motion of circular and coaxial cylinders in an infinite mass of liquid

Books Recommended:

  • F. Chorlton. Text Book Of Fluid Dynamics, C.B.S. Publishers, Delhi, 1985.
  • M.e. O’Neill and F.  Chorlton., , Ideal and Incompressible Fluid Dynamics, Ellis Horwood Limited, 1986.
  • R.K. Rathy, An introduction to Fluid Dynamics, Oxford and  IBH Publishing Company,      New Delhi, 1976.
  • W.H. Besant and A.S. Ramsay, A Treatise on Hydromechanics Part I and II, CBS Publishers, New Delhi.
  • Bansi  Lal Theoretical Fluid Dynamics, Skylark Pub., New Delhi
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