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GROUPS AND RINGS (Code-09050502)

S.No. Topic Domain Hours as per UGC
1 ·         Definition of a group with example and simple properties of groups Must know 10
·         Subgroups and subgroup criteria
·         Generation of groups, cyclic groups
·         Cosets, Left and right cosets
·         Index of a sub-group, Coset decomposition
·         Lagrange’s theorem and its consequences
·         Normal subgroups, Quotient groups
2 ·         Homomorphisms, isomorphisms Must know 15
·         Automorphisms and inner automorphisms of a group
·         Automorphisms of cyclic groups
·         Permutations groups, even and odd permutations
·         Alternating groups
·         Cayley’s theorem
·         Centre of a group and derived group of a group
3 ·         Introduction to rings, subrings Nice to know 15
·         Integral domains and fields
·         Characteristics of a ring, Ring homomorphism
·         Ideals(principle, prime and Maximal) and Quotient rings
·         Field of quotients of an integral domain
4 ·         Euclidean rings Must know 12
·         Polynomial rings
·         Polynomials over the rational field
·         The Einstein’s criterion
·         Polynomial rings over commutative rings
·         Unique factorization domain
·         R unique factorization domain implies so is R[X1,X2,…XN]

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