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Numerical Analysis (Code-09050503)

S.No. Topic Domain Hours as per UGC
1 ·         Finite difference operators and their relations Must know 10
·         Finiding the missing terms and effect of error in a difference tabular values
·         Interpolation with equal intervals: Newton’s forward and Newton’s backward interpolation formulae
·         Interpolation with unequal intervals: Newton’s divided difference
·         Lagrange’s interpolation formulae
·         Hermite formula
2 ·         Central Differences: Gauss forward and Gauss’s backward interpolation formulae Must know 15
·         Sterling, Bessel Formula
·         Probability distribution of random variables
·         Binomial distribution
·         Poisson’s distribution
·         Normal distribution: Mean, Variance and Fitting
3 ·         Numerical differentiation: Derivative of a function using interpolation formulae as studied in section-I &II Must know 12
·         Eigen value Problems: Power method, Jacobi’s method
·         Given’s method, House Holder’s method
·         QR method, Lanczos method
4 ·         Numerical integration: Newton’s Cote’s Quadrature formula Must know 14
·         Trapezoidal rule, Simpon’s one-third and three-eigth rule
·         Chebyehev formula, Gauss Quadratic formula
·         Numerical solution of ODEs: Single-step methods-Picard’s method, Taylor’s series method
·         Euler’s method, Runge-Kutta method
·         Multiple step methods, Predictor-corrector metho
·         Modified Euler’s method
·         Milne-Simpson’s method


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