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Operational Research-II  (Code-09050606)




Hours as per UGC


  • Inventory Control:introduction of inventory, factors affecting inventory, Inventory models

Must know


  • Deterministic models: Economic order quantity model when shortages are allowed/not allowed
  • Price discounts model
  • Multi-item inventory models


  • Queuing Theory: Basic characteristics of queuing system

must know


  • Birth-death equations
  • Steady state solution of Markovian queuing models with single and multiple servers(M/M/1) and M/M/c), with limited capacity(M/M/1/K and M/M/c/K)


  • Sequencing problems:Processing of n jobs through 2 machines, n jobs through 3 machines

Must know


  • 2 jobs through m machines, n jobs through m machines
  • Replacement problems: Replacement of items whose running cost increases with time
  • Replacement policies for the items that fail completely-individual and the group replacement policies


  • PERT and CPM: Introduction of PERT and CPM

Nice to know


  • Earliest and latest times
  • Determination of critical path and various types of floats
  • Probabilistic and cost considerations in project scheduling

Books Recommended:

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  •     Taha. H.A. Operations Research – An Introduction.
  •     Kanti Swarup,  Gupta,  P. K. And Manmohan. Operations Research.
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