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Title – Data Structures Using C (Code-09050407)

B.Sc. (Hons) 4th semester

S.No. Topic Domain Hours as UGC


Data structure and its essence, data structure types, Linear and List structures:Arrays, stacks, queues and lists, Sequential and linked structures, Simple lists, Circular lists, doubly linked lists, Inverted lists, threaded lists, Operations on all these structures and applications Must know 13


Arrays and multidimensional Arrays, Sequential allocation, Address calculations, Sparse arrays, Tree structures: Trees, binary trees and binary search trees, Implementing binary trees, Tree traversal algorithms, threaded trees, trees in search algoritms, AVL Trees Must know 10


Graph data structure and their applications, Graph traversals, , shortest paths, spanning trees and related  algoritms, Family of B-Trees: B-tree, B*-Trees, B+Trees Must know 10


Sorting: Internal and External sorting, Various sorting algorithms, Time and space complexity of algorithms, Searching techniques and Merging algorithms, Applications of sorting and searching in computer science Must Know 12

      Books Recommended:

  1. Lipschutz: Data Structures (Schaum’s Outline Series), Tata McGraw-Hill.
  2. Adam Drozdek: Data Structures and Algorithms in C++, Vikas Pub. House (Thmpson), New Delhi.
  3. Gupta Amit: Data Structures Through C, Galgotia Booksource Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
  4. Sofat S.: Data Structures With C and C++, Khanna Book Pub. Co.(P) Ltd, N. Delhi.
  5. Dromey R.G: How to Solve it by Computer ?, Prentice Hall India.
  6. Loomis: Data Structure and File Management, Prentice-Hall India Ltd.
  7. Tannenbaum: Data Structure Using C, Tata McGraw-Hill.